Towards Digital Equality: Overcoming Barriers to Hybrid Collaboration

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Organizations, more than ever, are searching for ways to achieve digital equality to support employees in a hybrid way of working. At the root, this quest for digital equality ultimately asks, ‘what is required to collaborate effectively in a hybrid world?’

Everyone is talking about place, space and technology, but hybrid is more than those things. Trends show that even with cool spaces, exceptional tech, and free healthy food, in-office utilization is still at a record low. Why aren’t people returning? What are the blind spots? How are those blind spots impacting digital equality for all users?
More than technology and redesigning spaces, we must go deeper to explore how our social interactions and organizational paradigms shape hybrid work.

In this 90-minute workshop, you will explore a framework that highlights potential blind spots hindering effective hybrid collaboration, collectively unpack evolving work paradigms and challenges alongside other senior industry leaders, and explore different ways of working to create a more human-centered organization.

  • Framework to collaborate more effectively in a hybrid world 

    Learn what is required to collaborate more effectively in a hybrid world—technology, space, social interactions, and organizational paradigms.

  • Appreciation for the complexity of working in a hybrid world 

    Gain new a perspective as we illuminate facets of hybrid work that are often overlooked and challenge assumptions about the hybrid experience.

  • Processes to deal with the complexity of the hybrid world 

    More than solving for symptoms, successful hybrid collaboration must take a more holistic approach. Learn processes and ways to work differently that can cultivate meaningful change.

  • Resources to tackle this in your organization

    Whether you’re looking to start the conversation or advance existing efforts, we’ll equip you with insights and tools to support hybrid collaboration and digital equality in your organization.



Jeremy Myerson

  • Director
  • WORKTECH Academy

Stephan Berchtold

  • Senior Consultant and Facilitator
  • ET Group

Dirk Propfe

  • CEO
  • ET Group

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