ET Group shuns typical business mentality, and they’re growing because of it

Posted by ET Group on October 31, 2018

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By eliminating traditional MGMT structure, ET Group Toronto starts a conversation across the AV industry and finds clients who want to know—and spend—more.

Think about the last time your company faced a major decision. Chances are the CEO, president or someone else in a cushy corner office had the final say, whether it was the possibility of working on a project or changes to employee benefits.

ET Group, TorontoAt ET Group Toronto, there isn’t any sort of management structure to get in the way of a good idea—or employee empowerment. In fact, while Dirk Propfe has the CEO title on his business cards, he’s one of 40 or so decision-makers who have equal footing in the company.

ET Group started this transformation to self-management about two years ago and earned a 2018 NSCA Excellence in Business Award for differentiating strategy for approaching business in a way that hasn’t been seen before in AV circles—and could be difficult to replicate.

And, while ET Group officials say the transformation will never fully be complete, the early returns have been good, to the tune of a projected 20 percent revenue growth in 2018 and more clients who are signing on as long-term fixtures rather than one-and-done ET Group customers.

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