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We are hybrid workplace enthusiasts with 45 years of technology integration expertise.

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ET Group is proud to bring the hybrid workplace experience to life.

Work has many challenges, but connecting with each other shouldn’t be one of them. For 45 years, we’ve helped our clients tackle their evolving and complex communication and collaboration challenges by providing workplace technology solutions to support their unique needs.

At the core of our business is technology integration (and psst, we’re experts) but success in hybrid isn’t just about having the right technology, it’s also about learning how to work differently with it to support work in a healthy and sustainable way. The magic is in how an organization weaves together its people, spaces, technology, and ways of working.

Alongside our design and integration expertise, we provide top-tier workplace technology service and support, as well as learning experiences to coach you on new hybrid work practices that can support performance, well-being, and connectedness among your teams.

We’re committed to bridging the gap between technology and ways of working—not only to elevate the employee experience today, but to also pave the way to a brighter, more life-giving future.

*We’re also Canadian, eh?

Having fun at work


97% say ET Group is a great place to work

We wanted to know more about why our team felt so strongly about working at ET Group, so we sat a few folks down for an interview.

Experience the #ETGWay

Key Milestones


2023 - Great Place to Work® Certified

ET Group achieved the Great Place to Work®  certification in Canada.

ET Group team members brainstorming as part of a collaborative activity

2022 – Growing Our Organization

Acquiring CONTI AV + Forte Design to help grow our ever-expanding vision of human-centric design practices.

Peter taking notes

2022 - Delivering Workshops for Hybrid Teams

Expanding the business to help organizations take their technology to the next level with new meeting and collaboration practices to support a hybrid workplace.

2020 – Focusing on Hybrid and Remote Teams

Anticipating where workplaces would need to go in the future and bringing the hybrid experience to life.

2016 - Reinvention of ET Group

Moving to self-managed, decentralized model, breathing life back into the organization and inspiring people.

2000s - Corporate AV Technology

ET once again expanded its footprint to become ET Group and deliver collaboration technology for corporate customers.

1990s - Audio/Visual Entertainment

ET (Entertainment Technology) expanded its business to focus on restaurants and entertainment venues.

1980s - AV Installations

ET Group's humble beginnings began in Canada installing technology systems that focused on sound.

Our Ways of Working are important for our success

When an organization takes care of its people, it shows in everything that they do. That’s why we do things the #ETGWay, so that our team can thrive in a happy and healthy environment.

From Our Team


Our employees have a voice in deciding which type of work they do at home vs. in the office. Everyone is amazing to work with, a culture which allows people to bring their whole self each day. We are passionate about creating inclusive spaces for employees and people who are part of the 2SLGBTQ community. - Alicia

For me, it’s all about the people. We strive for excellence, and have a high level of trust and respect for one another. We are casual but at the same time extremely professional, we hold each other accountable in a way that is not destructive and operate in a manner that considers everyone involved. - George

I feel the structure of the ET Group allows for the agility and the right dynamics to energize the roles I want and continue to evolve within the organization. - Ahmed

We are a very open and welcoming group with a very strong team atmosphere that focuses on inclusion and team success. We are given the independence to do our jobs but there is always someone that you can lean on for support. We are a trend-setting, forward-thinking company with strong leadership and values that you can relate to. - Scott

ET Group is a friendly place to work with co-workers who care and respect each other. We make an effort to provide a safe space where you can be yourself and bring all of yourself to the workplace. ET has many perks such as the choice to work remotely, generous vacation time and the ability to perform other roles outside of your main role, which may even include some of your other hobbies — like photography or music production! - Eric

ET Group is a very visionary organization with a continual emphasis on improving the value we bring to our clients, by being an open and safe environment for being creative while working with like-minded people. - Steve

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