Technology Consulting

Our proven human-centered process puts people first and technology second, which brings to light different needs and real insights that enable tailored collaboration solutions.


Our process puts people first and technology second

Our process allows us to design technology solutions for your organization by not only considering your technology needs and challenges, but also the critical workspaces and human elements that contribute to the user experience. This approach offers us the flexibility to think outside the box, dig deeper into problem-solving, and ultimately unlock the most value for your workplace transformation.

Selected Clients


"ET Group took the time to understand our needs as an organization and worked with us to develop a custom strategy tailored to our particular needs. Through detailed consultation, quick response times and excellent customer service, they have helped the York University Student Centre Build an AV program that will serve students for years to come, and help us deliver our mission to our community."

"From the start of our new office build through to our move-in date, ET Group were outstanding business partners. They pushed our thinking on the use and integration of technology not only in our corporate offices but throughout our organization, proposed a wide range of technology options to meet both specific departmental and budgetary requirements and have provided us with solid after sale service."

"Your team dug down and found out what the issues were. There would have been no way of our team being able to troubleshoot most of these issues."

“The Innovation Labs got us so excited about the possibilities for our new company direction with regards to our spaces, our technology, and how it interconnects with our people.”

Experience our Award Winning Consulting Process

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ET Group Team members in the Bespoke Space

Phase 01

Understanding Stakeholders

Different stakeholders bring different needs and expectations to a hybrid work environment. Our human-centered approach will surface challenges, use cases, and workflows to help define the desired user experiences.

  • Develop Stakeholder Map
  • Interviews and Observation
  • Conduct Document Review
  • Conduct Technology Analysis

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Phase 02

Aligning Priorities

In a facilitated meeting with key stakeholders, we will review the data and insights gathered, invite constructive discussion of all stakeholder perspectives, and ultimately gain alignment on priorities for the project.

  • Summary of Findings
  • Prepare a Hosted Deep Dive Session
  • Host a Stakeholder Alignment Meeting
  • Reach Alignment on Priorities

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Phase 03

Conceptual Design & Prototypes

Using the insights on different stakeholders' needs as well as the alignment on priorities, we craft a conceptual design of potential solutions—a glimpse of what could be, a first taste, and a starting point that is specific enough to invite reflections.

  • Build Key Use Cases and User Stories
  • Match Technology to Key Priorities
  • Build Prototypes

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Phase 04

Testing & Iterating

Together we will refine the design by testing the conceptual design and prototypes in a co-creative manner. By experiencing different potential solutions you’ll gain clarity on which fit best and we’ll help further sharpen the understanding of your needs.

  • Test Prototypes and Gather Feedback
  • Reflect on Original Priorities
  • Refine Conceptual Design

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Phase 05

Detailed Design

We will distill the refined conceptual design into specific plans, construction drawings, layouts, and material lists into a complete package that allows you to move forward with clear direction

  • Develop Detailed Design
  • Refine Budget Estimate
  • Preset Final Design to Key Stakeholders

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Seven design thinking principles that will help hybrid work succeed

Far too often, technology integration when it comes to the hybrid workplace is currently missing the mark. We use the design thinking approach to develop more human-centred solutions for our customers.

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Our workplace technology specialists will guide you through a complementary process to surface your workplace pains, gains, workflows, user experience, and more.

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