Report: The Power of Insights in Shaping Hybrid Work

In partnership with Vyopta, we’ve collected and analyzed data from over one million hours of hybrid video meetings. The insights we’ve uncovered reveal real technology challenges that many hybrid organizations are facing today, and the underlying reasons they may be happening. Learn how you can identify and solve your own hybrid technology challenges with Workplace Insights from ET Group.

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Discover the power of Workplace Insights! Real-time user insights empower organizations to make workplace decisions that suit the true needs of your hybrid team, by helping you identify when, how, where and why your team members work the way they do. This report, produced in partnership with Vyopta highlights some of the major hidden challenges hybrid organizations are facing when it comes to the utilization of their meeting spaces, and the real reasons they're happening. Here's a hint: it's not due to faulty technology!

Learn about Workplace Insights
  • Learn 4 major challenges of hybrid work

    Extrapolated from real meeting data, we've identified 4 major challenges regarding spaces, technology and user behaviour, and their underlying causes that, if not properly addressed, will continue to negatively affect the hybrid experience.

  • Explore the future of hybrid

    We highlight how access to space and technology insights can help you identify the social and organizational factors that drive your business, and how you can optimize your workplace for a better hybrid experience.

  • Discover a solution to help you optimize your workplace

    Meeting data and user data provided by Workplace Insights from ET Group help you determine the true needs of your team, and we can work together to optimize and support your workplace technology.

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