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Workplace Insights

What are Workplace Insights?

Meeting Insights and User Insights are the data collected from your meeting technology ecosystem based on your usage. These analytics provide valuable information about the frequency of use, quality, capacity, and more about your meeting spaces, platforms, and team members.

Your Program Manager will help you analyze these insights and advise you and your team on how to best use and support your technology for a healthier and more productive experience.

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  • Gain valuable meeting insights

    Discover information about the frequency, location, and functionality of your meetings, and how to optimize your meeting spaces to work with your team's needs.

  • Create a happy, healthy environment

    User Insights help you understand the true needs of your team by gauging if they are getting adequate breaks, the length of their average meetings, meeting frequency and more.

  • Customize your Support

    Work with your Program Manager to create the Support program that meets all of your needs, from Remote Monitoring to dedicated Meeting Room Technicians.

How do we gather Workplace Insights?

With Meeting Insights and User Insights from ET Group, we use real data collected from the everyday usage of your meeting spaces, to help you determine and analyze patterns in your workplace.

Featured Insights

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When you work in a hybrid environment, you want people to feel engaged and productive from wherever they’re working. When you’re faced with technical difficulties, it’s easy to lose out on the positive experience that technology can deliver. That’s why maintaining the health of your meeting spaces is critical to keeping your team connected.

Why do you need Workplace Insights?

Meeting Insights and User Insights provide you with robust information about the health of your spaces, your technology, and your people.

Understanding the needs of your workplace starts with understanding the needs of your team. Are they stuck in too many back-to-back meetings and losing out on time to be productive? Is there a consistent struggle with meeting rooms being overbooked? Are the tools you’ve invested in not being utilized because no one knows how they work?

These are problems that can be solved by having these insights available to you. Your Program Manager is here to help you optimize your support needs and strategize how to boost your team’s success and growth.

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