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Remote Monitoring

What is Remote Monitoring?

With Remote Monitoring from ET Group, you can rest assured that dealing with issues in your technology ecosystem can be quick, painless and cost effective.

Our program monitors the state of your system, and immediately alerts our Support team when problems arise. Affected devices can be reset to normal operating conditions remotely, or provide us with the diagnosis needed to properly equip and send in one of our certified technicians.

By proactively monitoring for issues in your ecosystem, our team is always ready for action, minimizing the meantime to repair and avoiding system downtime.

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  • Real-time detection

    We detect issues in your network as soon as they happen, taking action before they become a problem, allowing your team to continue working uninterrupted.

  • Accurate diagnosis

    Minimize truck rolls with diagnoses that reveal the root cause of the issue, and allow us to take the right approach the first time.

  • Automated device reset

    When suitable, our program remotely issues commands to the affected device(s) to reset and restore them to normal operating performance.

  • Reduced system downtime

    Problems in your network are detected, diagnosed, reset and repaired so quickly, you'll barely have time to blink.

See it in action!

Watch how we monitor your workspaces

When you work in a hybrid environment, you want people to feel engaged and productive from wherever they’re working. When you’re faced with technical difficulties, it’s easy to lose out on the positive experience that technology can deliver. That’s why maintaining the health of your meeting spaces is critical to keeping your team connected.

What can we detect?

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Required updates to your firmware

When your firmware is not up to date, this can cause compatibility issues. By always ensuring the latest version, you can prevent gaps in your technology experience.

Faulty or defective hardware

Sometimes hardware needs to be replaced or requires new parts. Proactively detecting these issues helps our technicians diagnose what happened and prepare the right tools for a quick and painless fix.

Disruptions to your network

If a device is struggling to connect, or your service is interrupted, Remote Monitoring will alert our team to the cause, so we can get you back online.

Incorrect device settings

Simply selecting a wrong input or pairing to the wrong bluetooth device can cause problems that we don't expect, but we can catch them and steer your team in the right direction in no time.

How is an alert processed?

When a problem is detected by our Remote Monitoring detection software that is installed your network and devices, our team receives an immediate alert.  The alert provides necessary details including the location, room, and affected device. 

This information allows us to troubleshoot and diagnose the cause of the issue, and when applicable, command a remote reset to your equipment, or advise your team on what actions to take restore to normal functionality. 

In the instance of a hardware issue, or if manual intervention is required, we send a Certified Service Technician at the earliest possible availability. 

Our service techs are given the full diagnostic information and arrive prepared with the right knowledge and tools required to repair your technology in as little time as possible.

ET Group Service Technicians are fully trained and certified to support industry leading software and hardware platforms.

A detailed Incident Report will be provided to you every time an alert is received, pertaining to the cause, diagnosis, and resolution to your technology disruptions.

Once the issue is solved, the incident is closed and you and your team can continue to communicate and be productive — business as usual!

What does it mean to be Proactive?

When issues in our technology system arise, our first instinct is usually to call IT or the Customer Service desk for assistance after the incident has already happened. However, this approach can be time consuming and costly. You can avoid wasting time and money by taking a proactive approach to supporting your workplace technology.