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Our Ways of Working

You’re invited to experience the #ETGWay

No bosses, pigeon holes or hiding behind “professionalism”. Just good vibes and good people.

Experience the #ETGWay

We do things the #ETGWay


We hire smart people, and we treat them that way

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Say goodbye to hierarchy

We are a flat organization, meaning no managers; everyone has autonomy in their role and equal say in team or company decisions.

Centered around purpose, not status

Everyone on our team is held to the same standards and given the same freedoms with the ultimate goal that we create meaningful work.

Hiring people not roles

Everyone comes from different experiences and has many talents, and we encourage our team members to explore them in their work.

Crafting personal journeys

Our team members are encouraged to seek and create new opportunities for themselves with the organization based on their wants and needs.


How we keep the "human" in human-centric

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Decisions are de-centralized

Our approach to decision-making empowers everyone to have a voice and make decisions on behalf of the whole team.

Determining your own value

Self-set salaries encourage personal growth among our team members and let them know that we see value in them.

Early bird AND night owl friendly

We encourage asynchronous communication to avoid meeting burnout and allow employees more flexibility in their schedules.

Always checking in and out

Meetings begin and end by allowing each member to state how they are feeling or what they need to encourage empathy and ensure consistency.


A little less “get a life” and a little more “LIVE your life”

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Work from anywhere

We give team members the freedom to do our jobs anywhere, which allows us to reduce stress, increase productivity and more.

No more micro-managers

We don’t believe in employee monitoring and tracking tools to micro-manage our team members.

No such thing as “always available”

It’s important that remote team members have schedules that allow for work-life separation at home.

We bring our whole selves to work

We are always working to be a more inclusive, diverse and equitable team, so that no one feels the need to hide any part of who they are.


You're invited to experience the #ETGWay

Come share your purpose with us. We are a thriving organization with self-managed teams, a consistent employee net promoter score of 50+, and a shared ownership structure where 75% of the team members now own shares in the organization.



At ET Group everyone has a voice. We are inclusive, very employee centric, caring, and interested in everyone's ideas. - Kelly

We have created a human-centric, self-managed environment with a support system in place to provide effective collaboration while offering flexibility, accountability and the opportunity for radical candor. The self-managed approach removes the element of "micro-managing" and empowers employees be accountable for the responsibilities under their role descriptions. - Dylan

Our culture allows our team members to migrate to areas of the company that they feel passionate about. Individuals have the ability to participate in projects and work away from their area of focus if it interests them. - Chris

You get the opportunity to work autonomously and remotely (or hybrid!) while also being able to collaborate with sharp, dedicated colleagues who all want to see ETG continue to grow and stand out in the industry. - Ketan

ET Group has a team first approach and is the perfect example of top tier professionals all working together to deliver exceptional concepts and builds to our customers. In plain terms: really good people all working at the same place, pulling the same rope all together. - Bruno

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