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Being proactive about maintaining the health of your workplace technology is critical for a successful hybrid meeting experience. Our team of certified professionals have got your back. Remote Support Solutions from ET Group is an Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) service that actively monitors, tests, and analyzes your network to minimize system downtime, and resolve system issues quickly with minimal interference.


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What does it mean to be Proactive?

When issues in our technology system arise, our first instinct is usually to call IT or the Customer Service desk for assistance after the incident has already happened. However, this approach can be time consuming and costly. You can avoid wasting time and money by taking a proactive approach to supporting your workplace technology with.

Our Remote Support Solutions

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Remote Monitoring

We actively monitor the state of each device in your technology system, detecting and diagnosing incidents in real-time and immediately alerting our team to take action.

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Automated Room Testing

Automated Room Testing ensures that your meeting rooms are always in working order, and ready for you to join your meetings with minimal setup required.

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Workplace Insights

We analyze the usage of your rooms, platforms, and overall health of your system to help you gain deeper insights about what you and your team really need.

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Watch how we support your workspaces

When you work in a hybrid environment, you want people to feel engaged and productive from wherever they’re working. When you’re faced with technical difficulties, it’s easy to lose out on the positive experience that technology can deliver. That’s why maintaining the health of your meeting spaces is critical to keeping your team connected.