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Automated Room Testing

What is Automated Room Testing?

Automated Room Testing from ET Group ensures that your meeting rooms are always in working order, and ready for you to join your meetings with minimal setup required.

In between your meetings, or at your desired frequency, our RMM program runs automated scripts that reset your rooms to predetermined default settings. This includes standard speaker volume, HMDI input/output, auto-muting microphones, and even adjusting lights and temperature.

Your system is also continuously tested for quality and service connection, so you can join your next meeting with confidence.

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  • Ready, set, go

    Room tests ensure that your meeting technology is online, call quality is to standard, and that your devices are set to the right preferences for you and your team.

  • Continuous detection

    Scripts run even when your rooms are in use, so any decrease in call quality or sudden failure of equipment is alerted and addressed without interrupting your meetings.

  • Join with confidence

    Start your meetings knowing that your system is set up exactly how you like it, and you can jump right into your conversation with no delays or awkward mishaps.

  • Professionals at your service

    In the event a device fails or cannot be reset remotely, our Certified Service and Meeting Room Technicians are ready to repair your technology quickly and efficiently.

How does Automated Room Testing work?

Once your meeting rooms and technology have been onboarded, and we've installed our Remote Monitoring and Management software to your network and devices, we are able to program and deliver on your desired room experience.

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