The Hybrid Discovery Experience™

1-Day Journey to Transform your Approach to Hybrid

Gain the insights, clarity, and alignment you need to navigate the future of work successfully.

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In today’s rapidly evolving workplace, understanding and leveraging the dynamics of hybrid and distributed work is crucial for organizational success.

What is the Hybrid Discovery Experience (HDE)?

The HDE is full day workshop designed to help your organization grasp the possibilities of hybrid work, understand best practices and underlying principles, and identify where you are on this journey.

By pinpointing gaps in areas such as technology enablement, training and leadership development, and strategic planning, we help you address these gaps and turn them into opportunities for growth.

Invest in your organizations future
  • Understanding What's Possible

    Engage with cutting-edge insights and best practices in hybrid and distributed work to uncover new possibilities for your organization's future.

  • Uncovering Foundational Forces

    Dive deep into the underlying factors shaping your organization's hybrid work patterns, gaining clarity on what drives success or challenges.

  • Harnessing the Hybrid Advantage

    Strategically leverage hybrid and distributed work models to gain a competitive edge, discovering untapped opportunities for growth.

  • Interactive Learning

    Immerse yourself in interactive sessions designed to foster collaborative problem-solving, where participants actively contribute and innovate.

Why Choose the Hybrid Discovery Experience?


Cutting-Edge Facilitation

 Our facilitators bring unparalleled expertise in hybrid and distributed work. They ensure a dynamic and engaging experience.

Smiling milennial employee in hybrid work environment with laptop

Innovative Learning

Access cutting-edge strategies and insights from leaders in hybrid and distributed work.

Technology consultant providing end user training for member of hybrid workforce

Customized for You

Receive customized solutions designed to address your organization's unique challenges and goals.

Remote team member using video conferencing technology to join meeting seamlessly after support from external technology consultants

Practical Application

Gain actionable recommendations and strategies that can be immediately implemented for impactful results.

What you'll Experience

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1. Pre-Work Insights Survey

Before the discovery day, we engage with key participants through a comprehensive pre-work survey. This survey is facilitated by our team of skilled experts in organizational development and psychology. By gathering early insights and identifying focus areas, we tailor the experience to address your specific needs and objectives.

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2. Full-Day Discovery Workshop

The core of the Hybrid Discovery Experience is an inspiring, interactive, and fun full-day event. Our experienced facilitators use design thinking principles to guide your team through clear thinking and innovative problem-solving, co-creating new ways of working for your organization.

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3. Post-Event Roadmap & Recommendations

Following the discovery day, our team of advisors consolidates the findings and captures the collective learnings. We provide important and actionable recommendations tailored to your organization's unique needs. Our insights are delivered back to your team in a live video call, ensuring you have a clear roadmap for implementing positive change.

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Workshop Testimonials


"Learned about the need to consider organizational beliefs and paradigms, and how they are impacting achievement of hybrid vision." - Donna, Senior Manager, Change Management

"I really appreciated discussing psychological safety, as I rarely see this. This gave a lot of validity to what we do, and empowered us on how we can approach our clients. I also really appreciated the emphasis on making space and allowing all people to have a chance to contribute." - Michael, Senior Interior Designer

"Workshop was really great - focus is truly important. New ways to work may not only mean hybrid work; this isn’t just about people working from home / not from home." - DJ, Interior Designer

"Excellent workshop and a ton of passion on the ET Group. Understanding that space and tech are only two components to addressing challenges faced with hybrid collaboration." - Anonymous

"Global perspective works well for fresh ideas in the workshop. Good validation of what we are hearing from clients and balance content regarding the role of technology without being sales oriented." - Lisa F, SVP Client Strategy

"This workshop is critical for organizations to survive & flourish." - Raidya, Co-Founder

Is the experience right for you?

Gauge whether the Hybrid Discovery Experience aligns with your organizational goals and challenges.

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My organization is exploring ways to optimize hybrid and distributed work environments to enhance productivity and collaboration.

Yes, it's for me!

I'm looking for expert guidance to identify and address challenges specific to hybrid work models, such as technology integration, leadership in a remote setting, or team cohesion.

Yes, it's for me!

My team would benefit from a structured, interactive event designed to foster innovative solutions and actionable strategies for navigating the complexities of hybrid work.

Yes, it's for me!

I'm interested in gaining insights into the latest trends and best practices in hybrid and distributed work to maintain a competitive edge in your industry.

Meet the Team

ET Group and Arc Integrated Collaboration

The Hybrid Discovery Experience is a groundbreaking partnership between ET Group and Arc Integrated. Combining ET Group’s award-winning expertise in workplace technology and hybrid work environments with Arc Integrated’s proficiency in coaching and strategic planning, this initiative delivers a comprehensive solution for navigating the complexities of hybrid and distributed work.

Get in touch with us to learn more about the Hybrid Orientation Experience

With easy to use frameworks serve as eye-openers and help create a shared language, the orientation experience brings a clear process and keeps the focus on working toward actionable outputs. Above all, this experience uses an experiental approach to help you tap into the collective insight of your team.