ebook: How design thinking can help hybrid work succeed

Over the past five years, we’ve been pioneering a new approach with our clients based on the principle of Design Thinking – an alternative framing of challenges and opportunities based around a set of values you don’t always find in communication technology for the workplace.

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What you get

You will learn about how Design Thinking allows us to understand different users and their needs, so we’re not just designing technology for its own sake. This ebook, produced in partnership with WORKTECH Academy, summarizes what we’ve learnt and sets out seven key Design Thinking principles for hybrid work projects.

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  • Understand how Design Thinking can help hybrid work succeed

    DT has specific application in relation to addressing the complex challenges of hybrid working, where neither problem nor solution are always fully clear and there are multiple stakeholders to consider, sometimes with conflicting values and interests.

  • Learn about the seven principles of Design Thinking

    We summarise what we’ve learnt and set out seven key Design Thinking principles for hybrid work projects that explores ideas around curiosity with how organizations work, empathy with users, a willingness to experiment and prototype rapidly, an ability to navigate ambiguity, and a commitment to the ‘art of the possible’.

  • Gain the knowledge to help your organization build better solutions

    Design Thinking brings a different mindset to technology integration for hybrid working, one that is participatory rather than expert. ET Group uses a range of methods to look at things through the lens of the user – from one-to-one confidential conversations and immersive roleplaying to asking people to tell stories about their experiences.

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