The #ETGWay Handbook

Discover how to set your own salary, ditch the micro management, and make company wide decisions with cutting-edge team practices.

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Discover new tools and practices that ET Group uses to create a better healthier and more meaningful place to work.

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What you get

Explore our internal guiding handbook that we use to reference the practices, tools, approaches that have helped us become one of Canada’s most innovative self-managed organizations.

  • Discover how we reinvented ET Group to make it a healthier and more meaningful place to work

    ET Group is an organization with self-managed teams, industry-leading profitability, a consistent employee net promoter score of 50+, and a shared ownership structure where 75% of team members own shares.

  • Learn about practices like the Advice Process which allows any team member to make decisions

    We approach decision-making in ways that empower everyone to make decisions on behalf of the whole team. The more we are each involved in making decisions, the more we feel we belong and contribute to the team.

  • Explore tools like the Self-Set Salary Process which ditches the rigid salary structures of the past

    Team members are invited to set their own salaries, calibrated by the advice process from their peers. If people are unhappy with their salary, they can simply raise it. Sound crazy? It’s not.

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