The Journey to Hybrid Working: 12 Considerations

This report from audio-visual manufacturer Poly, in partnership with WORKTECH Academy, explores twelve considerations for companies to navigate hybrid working.

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This report highlights the key challenges around people, technology and spaces that employers face when navigating hybrid work. It looks at the differences between in-person and virtual presence in the workplace, and the need to create meeting equality irrespective of where employees are located, utilizing the right tools and technologies.

  • Keep pace with the latest hybrid work trends

    According to Microsoft’s latest Work Trends Index, launched in late March 2022, we are now passing the point of no return on the journey to hybrid working.

  • Learn what it takes to be successful as you transition to a hybrid workplace

    Map the journey to hybrid working that companies will need to resolve to achieve a successful transition, addressing the dichotomies and decisions points that sit along the way.

  • Discover key considerations for your people, spaces, and technology

    The picture is changing quickly and in bringing people, spaces and technology together to form a new corporate landscape forhybrid work, there is much to discover.

  • Help focus on the moving parts of your organization that matter

    There are many moving parts and some organizations are struggling to implement the right strategic approach. Find focus areas and accelerate your path to clarity.

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