Human-Centered Technology Design for a Hybrid World

ET Group’s CEO, Dirk Propfe shares how a human-centered approach to technology design can help you with the possibilities around hybrid work.

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WORKTECH22 Toronto

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About the Keynote

How we think about work is changing, and the recent paradigm shift around hybrid work has opened exciting possibilities in terms of new ways of working. However, often there is a gap between what’s possible and the technology choices being made. Learn how ET Group’s human-centered approach to technology design has allowed them to awaken their clients to new possibilities around hybrid work, surfacing "hidden" needs, gaining a sharper understanding of client problems, and ultimately delivering better technology solutions that enable the workplace transformation that is currently underway.

  • Real-life story of failure that led us to human-centered design approach

    Dirk shares the story of a 2013 client project that despite having forward thinking and innovative technology solutions, failed to include users in the process.

  • How we used design thinking to co-create our collaboration hub

    Dirk shares learnings around how we built the new ET Group collaboration hub during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Designing technology solutions for our people

    Learn about how technologies like Video Window and Microsoft Front Row have enable use cases like community building and inclusive meeting experiences.



Dirk Propfe

  • CEO
  • ET Group

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