Evolving the class and campus experience through technology integration

Across the education sector, instructors and administrators are being challenged to keep up with the rapidly evolving technology landscape. The virtual classroom is evolving and concerns such as security and privacy are top of mind for educators.

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You will learn

In this 30-minute webinar you will learn what other educators are doing to safeguard their virtual classrooms, adapt video technology in their classrooms and learning management systems, and rapidly migrate to cloud based platforms (that are easier to manage and reduce budget)—all while providing exceptional learning experiences. Join us for this webinar to hear from Dr. Lance Ford about trends in the education sector and how to tackle some of today’s education technology challenges. This event is presented in collaboration with Zoom and Telarus.

  • Trends in safety, security, and privacy

    Learn what other institutions are doing to safeguard their learning environments. Beyond data privacy, features such as nomadic 911 and emergency alerts are helping to keep schools safe.

  • Integrating technology with learning management systems

    Help learners get the most out of their experience by bringing the classroom to their fingertips. Hear about video, voice and text integrations that can level-up the mobility of Moodle and alike.

  • Strategies for ease of management

    Explore how tailored classroom technology design, vendor consolidation, and cloud-based solutions can provide consistent and productive experiences.



Dr. Lance Ford

  • Zoom Rooms Educator/Teacher
  • Zoom

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