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We all strive to create inspiring organizations and teams, to raise the level of performance and achieve something important that we can be proud of. But things get in the way. Dr. Lance Secretan has spent his life observing and learning about these obstacles and has used this experience to inspire countless leaders to focus on the things that really matter, that inspire people to follow, and that make leadership authentically great.

  • Learn new ways to see people and the world

    Learn practical ideas and approaches, while engaging participants in invigorating conversations.

  • Radical new ideas explained and demonstrated

    Leading to a deeper understanding of self, others and the role of leadership in changing self, others and the world and adapting to our new realities.

  • Change the way you experience work and leadership post-COVID

    You will gain a fresh perspective on how you see many things and change the way you approach and experience work and leadership forever.



Dr. Lance Secretan

  • Best Selling Author and Award Winning Keynote Speaker

Dirk Propfe

  • President & CEO
  • ET Group

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