Overcoming Barriers to Hybrid Collaboration - Employee Experience Edition

Date: Wednesday, July 24, 2024
Time: 08:00 PST | 09:00 MST | 11:00 EST
Duration: 2-hours
Location: Virtual on Zoom
Investment: Free
Content: We’re hosting a tailored version of our popular 2-hour workshop for Employee Experience Summit delegates and targeted HR leaders. In this session, we will share the key themes we heard at the conference and unpack how they’re shaping today’s hybrid collaboration challenges.

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You will learn

In June, ET Group CEO Dirk Propfe spoke in the opening keynote at the Employee Experience Summit. His presentation, Unleashing Your Competitive Advantage through Distributed Work, explored key practices that can drive impactful changes within an organization to make the most out of our hybrid work reality.

Over our two days participating at the conference and hosting conversations, many themes emerged: attraction and retention, DEI, RTO mandates, Gen Z, company culture, office space, employee experience, and more.

For leaders hoping to evolve the employee experience, the interplay of these themes with hybrid collaboration and distributed work arrangements cannot be ignored.

While everyone has been talking about place, space and technology, innovative organizations have woken up to recognize that hybrid is more than those things. In-office utilization is still at a record low. Why aren’t people returning? What are the blind spots? We must go deeper to explore how our social interactions and organizational paradigms shape hybrid work and ultimately, the employee experience.

We’re excited to host this bonus event to unpack the Employee Experience Summit themes through the lens of leveraging distributed work and enhancing the employee experience.

  • Key themes from the Employee Experience Summit

    Understand the key themes from the June 2024 conference and how they’re shaping today’s hybrid collaboration challenges.

  • Distributed work approaches helping to evolve the employee experience

    Join facilitated breakout sessions with senior HR professionals and industry leaders to explore some of the innovative, deeper approaches that are starting to move the needle on employee experience in distributed work environments.

  • 4-pillar framework for evolving your hybrid collaboration

    Learn what is required to collaborate more effectively in a hybrid world—technology, space, social interactions, and organizational paradigms. We will illuminate facets of hybrid work that are often overlooked and challenge assumptions about the hybrid experience.

  • Resources to navigate this in your own organization

    Whether you’re looking to start the conversation or advance existing efforts, we’ll equip you with insights and tools to support hybrid collaboration and digital equality in your organization.

Workshop Assets


Interactive Workbook

Participants receive a printable workbook in advance that they follow along to fill in answers and notes. They then have a completed copy at the close of the event.

Recap Email

A thorough reflection of the workshop including quotes, screenshots, and highlights from the event is sent to all attendees within 48 hours.

Insights Report

All the barriers surfaced in the workshop are curated and analyzed in printed and/or video report summarizing the event insights following the workshop.



Workshop Testimonials


"Learned about the need to consider organizational beliefs and paradigms, and how they are impacting achievement of hybrid vision." - Donna, Senior Manager, Change Management

"I really appreciated discussing psychological safety, as I rarely see this. This gave a lot of validity to what we do, and empowered us on how we can approach our clients. I also really appreciated the emphasis on making space and allowing all people to have a chance to contribute." - Michael, Senior Interior Designer

"Workshop was really great - focus is truly important. New ways to work may not only mean hybrid work; this isn’t just about people working from home / not from home." - DJ, Interior Designer

"Excellent workshop and a ton of passion on the ET Group. Understanding that space and tech are only two components to addressing challenges faced with hybrid collaboration." - Anonymous

"Global perspective works well for fresh ideas in the workshop. Good validation of what we are hearing from clients and balance content regarding the role of technology without being sales oriented." - Lisa F, SVP Client Strategy

"This workshop is critical for organizations to survive & flourish." - Raidya, Co-Founder

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