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The Hybrid Events Space

What is the Hybrid Events Space?

With the shift to the hybrid workplace comes the responsibility to ensure that all of your employees, regardless of location, feel included and valued. This extends beyond just the day-to-day meetings, but also to larger events that bring your team together – such as town halls, networking, and social gatherings.

When hosting in-office events, it is essential to prioritize the remote experience. This means ensuring that remote attendees can participate fully, without feeling like they are missing out or excluded. Cue the Hybrid Events Space.

Technology such as mobile video carts, tracking cameras, and high quality speakers allow remote participants to interact with those in the room, creating a space where they feel just as welcome as those physically present.

What is the Hybrid Events Space for?

For hosting 100+ people

Large events require more space that is flexible and can adapt to accommodate a high volume of people comfortably, that is inclusive of remote participants without impeding on the quality of the experience.

For blending physical and virtual connection

There's no need to sacrifice the fun and non-typical workplace events when shifting to hybrid. Keynote presentations, team building activities, and inviting guests to the office can include remote participants easily and seamlessly.

For flexible, versatile, and engaging needs

Wireless presentation capabilities, combined with portable monitors for video or content, and modular furniture allow you to design your space however you need to maximize the success of your events.

For the ultimate remote experience

Team members can take part in the fun remotely — with speaker tracking cameras, room microphones that cut out excess audio, and video breakout rooms that allow them to truly participate in the conversation.

Why have a Hybrid Events Space?

The hybrid workplace demands a focus on equity and inclusiveness beyond just your standard meeting rooms. In a Hybrid Events Space, remote attendees can actively participate and engage with others, instead of feeling isolated and left out. They can network, present, and interact as though they were physically in the room, fostering a more inclusive atmosphere.

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  • No more FOMO

    Remote participants feel actively included in the conversations around them, not like they've been shoved in a corner and forgotten about, missing all the fun.

  • Limitless ways to set your stage

    Modular furniture, creative lighting, and versatile technology allow for limitless possibilities when it comes to designing the event experience you want to achieve in your space.

  • Keep the hybrid experience consistent

    The technology in the Hybrid Event Space keeps the experience consistent for everyone, with tools that are compatible with many different video conferencing platforms including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Cisco Webex.

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Never miss a moment, with cameras that capture every move

No one wants to be left confused because the person they're listening to has suddenly disappeared. Tracking cameras keep the focus centered on the right people, even when they're in constant motion.

Be heard from anywhere in the space

Balance video conferencing and in-room audio by choosing which areas of the room you wish to highlight audio, and where you want to eliminate it. This offers less distractions to the audience and better focus on participants, so everyone can feel engaged.

Bring your own device and connect with ease

Connect devices wirelessly and be fully integrated into the audio-visual system, using the video conferencing platform of your choice. Once connected, the Hub becomes the host of the meeting, and your device is no longer burdened with trying to maintain all of that processing power.

See it all, with a view you can't miss

Get a perfect view of presentations, video calls, and shared content – every time. Large video walls are visible from any viewpoint, displaying crystal clear video and images up close or at a distance.

Move people or content, anywhere

A Confidence Monitor, placed on a mobile cart, is easy to relocate based on the needs of the speaker or presenter. Move remote team members around the space, or display information that complements your main content.

Flexible furniture, for whatever your event requires

Furniture that's easy to move around, take apart, and put back together differently each time. Get creative when designing seating that best suits your needs and your vision.

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