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Collaboration is about more than just the technology in your meeting rooms. It’s about keeping the user experience consistent and productive across all your spaces.

Your Partner in AV Support

We understand the importance of reliable and efficient AV operations for your business. That's why we offer a support package that is tailored to your specific needs, with comprehensive global coverage for your entire AV operations.

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  • Provide critical support for hybrid technology

    No matter where you are, we will ensure your team's meeting experience is always simple, painless, and productive.

  • Keep your team connected and collaborative

    We ensure that everyone has the ability to remain connected and collaborative in the most seamless and user-friendly way possible.

  • Eliminate the headaches for your IT team

    Lift the burden on your internal IT team trying to support the hybrid workplace. Save time and stress with a team of professionals who combine technical expertise with customer service savvy.

  • Gain real-time insights

    Gain insights on the usage and behaviour of your technology and spaces so that you can stay on top of your team's evolving needs.

Remote Solutions

Be Proactive with Remote Support Solutions

Being proactive about maintaining the health of your workplace technology is critical for a successful hybrid meeting experience. With Remote Solutions from ET Group, our team of certified professionals have got your back.

Supporting your critical meeting spaces

We ensure every person on your team is ready for collaboration success, every time.

Some of the spaces we support


Conference Rooms

Meeting Rooms


Multi-Purpose Spaces

Event Spaces

Training Rooms

Virtual Spaces

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Working on your behalf: a dedicated team of professionals who combine technical expertise with customer service savvy. We are a self-managed organization where every team member is energized and empowered to act on your behalf. When the need arises, we’re ALL prepared to mobilize.