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Preventative Maintenance

What is Preventative Maintenance?

Preventative Maintenance is a proactive approach to ensuring the seamless operation of your audiovisual systems. Our team of highly skilled technicians will perform a thorough assessment of your technology ecosystem to identify potential issues and prevent them from becoming urgent service incidents.

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  • Always seamless

    Our team helps you prevent unnecessary incidents from happening by ensuring all of your hardware, software, firmware and platform licenses are up to date and fully functional.

  • Certified professionals

    Our support team is made up of certified professionals in the leading software and hardware platforms for AV Technology.

  • Looking forward

    All preventative maintenance visits are followed up with a personalized report detailing any next steps, recommendations and actions taken.

What's Included?

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Functionality Tests

Functionality testing includes a comprehensive examination of your systems, including testing of all features and capabilities.

General Cleanup

A general review of space & hardware ensures that all required patches and fixes are applied. This proactive approach helps prevent potential failures and ensures the continued seamless operation of your system.

Annual Reminders

As part of this service, you will receive an annual email reminder from our team to schedule your complimentary preventative maintenance visit.

Detailed Report

A summary of the maintenance tests completed, issues identified and resolved while our technician was onsite, a list of issues that could not be remedied and recommended next steps to resolve the issue(s). We provide recommendations for equipment upgrades or design changes.

We're certified in leading AV technology hardware and software


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Being proactive about maintaining the health of your workplace technology is critical for a successful hybrid meeting experience. With Remote Solutions from ET Group, our team of certified professionals have got your back.

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"ET Group took the time to understand our needs as an organization and worked with us to develop a custom strategy tailored to our particular needs. Through detailed consultation, quick response times and excellent customer service, they have helped the York University Student Centre Build an AV program that will serve students for years to come, and help us deliver our mission to our community."

"From the start of our new office build through to our move-in date, ET Group were outstanding business partners. They pushed our thinking on the use and integration of technology not only in our corporate offices but throughout our organization, proposed a wide range of technology options to meet both specific departmental and budgetary requirements and have provided us with solid after sale service."

"Your team dug down and found out what the issues were. There would have been no way of our team being able to troubleshoot most of these issues."

“The Innovation Labs got us so excited about the possibilities for our new company direction with regards to our spaces, our technology, and how it interconnects with our people.”

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Our workplace technology specialists will guide you through a complementary process to surface your workplace pains, gains, workflows, user experience, and more.