The Hybrid Experience Solution

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Bring the hybrid workplace experience to life by connecting and supporting all your people and spaces with the most innovative and advanced collaboration technology solutions.


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HybridX is the all-in-one solution you need:


Unique spaces designed for the human experience

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A space for every purpose

Whether you need a quiet space to focus, or an inviting space to collaborate with team members, we'll help you create it all.

Connecting with ease

Our technology is designed to be so seamless, you won't even notice it's there. Just arrive and thrive.

Beyond boring boardrooms

Our space designs foster creativity and inspire you to reach new heights with amazing technology tools at your fingertips.

Equal meeting experiences

We design all spaces with equality in mind, so all of your people can access tools and participate in meetings without stress.


Connecting all the elements of your hybrid work community

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Tools that make work easy

A curated system of meeting platforms, collaboration software and work management tools to make hybrid happen.

Never miss the memo again

Communication systems that talk to each other to ensure a smooth transition between applications, so nothing gets lost in translation.

Leave "complicated" in the past

No need to be an IT wizard in order to go hybrid. We make it so easy to connect with your team, it will be like you never left the office.

Connect from anywhere, anytime

Reliable systems that allow you to do the work that matters where, when and how is best for your team.


Keeping the user experience consistent and productive across all your spaces

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Meeting you where you are

We work with local technicians to get you the help you need quickly and easily, no matter where you are.

Driven by your success

We don't just monitor how your technology is working, but how it's used, too. Learn what your team needs in real time.

No need to "press 0 for human"

When you contact our support team, you will always be greeted by one of our friendly and helpful humans.

Lifetime support

We help you plan your support system for the long term, so that as you grow you can know that you're already covered.


Help your team understand and master the potential of hybrid work

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Workshops that don't feel like workshops

Engaging learning experiences that will change how you approach work and give you the tools to transform your team's ways of working.

Navigate the hybrid learning curve

Unpack old ways of thinking about work and introduce simple but powerful methods that can make hybrid work more effective.

Host better virtual meeting

New meeting practices will help your people reconnect and reengage, without sacrificing individual focus time.

Create self-managed teams

When you provide the right tools and the right environment, you can trust your people to be productive regardless of where or when they work.

Use design thinking to bring the hybrid experience to life

Design thinking is the ultimate tool that helps companies think outside the box, understand their users, challenge assumptions, and create innovative technology solutions.

Selected Clients


"ET Group took the time to understand our needs as an organization and worked with us to develop a custom strategy tailored to our particular needs. Through detailed consultation, quick response times and excellent customer service, they have helped the York University Student Centre Build an AV program that will serve students for years to come, and help us deliver our mission to our community."

"From the start of our new office build through to our move-in date, ET Group were outstanding business partners. They pushed our thinking on the use and integration of technology not only in our corporate offices but throughout our organization, proposed a wide range of technology options to meet both specific departmental and budgetary requirements and have provided us with solid after sale service."

"Your team dug down and found out what the issues were. There would have been no way of our team being able to troubleshoot most of these issues."

“The Innovation Labs got us so excited about the possibilities for our new company direction with regards to our spaces, our technology, and how it interconnects with our people.”


Hybrid workspaces designed for working anywhere, anytime

We co-create hybrid workspaces designed for your unique business. We pair our workspaces with the technology, connections, support, and meeting practices that leave your people feeling engaged, empowered, and more productive than ever.