How a 125 year old manufacturer transformed collaboration

Project Goals

ERCO Worldwide was relocating their headquarters and used this opportunity to re-imagine their office design from scratch, with the vision of offering their employees a healthy, more connected workspace.

Experience the Project
  • Connecting 10 facilities together

    They wanted to travel between locations with the confidence of knowing the technology systems at any office would deliver the same experience.

  • Re-inventing the traditional office experience

    With an office space dated back to the 1990s, it was time for ERCO to re-invent the office experience they were creating for their teams.

  • Building the foundation for a new company culture

    ERCO is committed to creating a diverse work environment and is proud to be an equal-opportunity employer.

  • Attracting the best and brightest talent

    Their office space needed to be designed to attract the best and brightest talent from across the globe.


ERCO operates 10 facilities – six in Canada, three in the United States and one in Chile.


Project Focus Areas

The ERCO team wanted to travel between locations with the confidence of knowing the technology systems at any of their nine plants would look and feel the same as what they were familiar with at their headquarters.

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Built Spaces Designed for Hybrid

Large 16+ person workspace, with dual 96" 4K displays and speaker tracking video, enables high-end presentations and video calling to remote participants.

Designed an Equal Experience

ERCO can travel to any of their 10 facilities with the confidence of knowing that the meeting room systems would look and feel the same as what they were familiar with in the Toronto HQ.

Deployed Video Interoperability

We simplified the process of joining meetings with internal and external participants allowing ERCO to not be vendor locked to a specific video conference platform.

Delivered with Flexibility in Mind

Large format 65" display video carts allow for a more casual and open video session with flexibility around arrangement and location.

Project Impact


"From the start of our new office build through to our move-in date, ET Group were outstanding business partners. They pushed our thinking on the use and integration of technology not only in our corporate offices but throughout our organization, proposed a wide range of technology options to meet both specific departmental and budgetary requirements and have provided us with solid after sale service."

Taking a Human-Centered Approach

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Understanding Their Stakeholders

The Design-Thinking process began with interviewing individuals in the organization, including the vice-presidents of sales, engineering, operations and finance, about their experiences with the current collaboration technology in place.

Conducting Interactive Workshops

We then ran an interactive workshop that included managers from ERCO’s manufacturing plants to help us further understand their unique needs. Followed up by observing company meetings and additional interviews with their IT teams and key directors across the organization. By conducting a technology audit and discussing with individual plant managers about each location’s technology installations, we gained a better understanding of the technological limitations of each specific site, as well as what needed to be considered going forward.

Hosting Innovation Labs

With all of this information on hand, we then hosted an innovation lab with ERCO’s newly formed workplace transition team so that we could co-create the perfect HybridX solution for their new and existing spaces. During this experience, we learned that it was actually the first time that many of the team members had ever worked with one another. Through listening to their stories and giving their team the opportunity to empathize and appreciate each other’s situations, together we were able to envision the shift from their difficult current state, to a much more pleasant future.

Project Deep Dive

What kind of technology did we install?

Explore all of the workplace technology solutions that we integrated into ERCO's spaces from video conferencing technology to high-end audio and touch interfaces.

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