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The Hybrid 360 Space

What is the Hybrid 360 Space?

One of the most important things that helps team members connect with one another is eye contact. Eye contact helps us to listen better, retain more information, and develop empathy for each other’s thoughts, ideas, and emotions.

However, lack of eye contact is a common struggle when teams are trying to navigate hybrid meetings. Remote attendees feel ignored, in-person participants feel a lack of engagement, and everyone feels overall disconnected.

In the Hybrid 360 space, eye contact is easy and natural. With a 360° camera centered between displays built into round-table style seating, both remote and in-office team members can experience critical face-to-face connection.

What is the Hybrid 360 Space for?

For 2-6 people

Hybrid 360 Spaces are compact huddle spaces, designed to maximize in-office real-estate while maintaining space for any number of remote team members in engaging hybrid meetings.

For personal connections

360° cameras and table-round displays ensure that everyone can see everyone, no matter the direction you're facing, so no one feels left out or disconnected from the group.

For saving space

Without relying on wall space, the Hybrid 360 space can fit in any room or work with any floor plan, allowing you to optimize your office real estate for what you really want.

For engaging conversations

When everyone feels like an equal part of the conversation, you experience increased participation, excitement, and productivity during your meetings.

360° of Conversation

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Feel the connection all around

The 360° camera with built in microphone and speaker captures every angle of your meeting space, ensuring that far-end participants can be face-to-face and feel connected with everyone in the room.

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Talk to people, not walls

Multiple High resolution displays built into round-table seating allow people in the room to make eye contact with both their teammates at the table and their teammates calling in remotely.

Work with the real estate you have

By not relying on wall space to mount displays, the Hybrid 360 space gives you the flexibility to place it wherever works best for you, not just where it would be most convenient.

Need room for more?

The Hybrid 360 boardroom can be designed to comfortably seat up to 24, while still providing the critical face-to-face connection that your team needs.

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