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The Immersive Space

What is the Immersive Space?

In an Immersive Space, featuring the Front Row layout from Microsoft Teams, you never lose focus on your work, but more importantly you don’t lose focus on your people. By ensuring no one is ever left out of the meeting experience, you gain more knowledge, expertise, and points-of-view than ever before, allowing you to solve problems faster and know your team better than ever.

Enter into an Immersive Space and leave feeling confident and inspired.

What is an Immersive Space for?

For 3 - 7 people

The intimate setting of an Immersive Space helps you keep your focus on the people in front of you, ensuring that whether you're in the room, or attending remotely, you always feel seen and heard.

For an equal experience

Reorient your old school meeting spaces to give everyone an equal seat in the hybrid environment by putting your room participants face-to-face with remote participants, using a panel-style seating arrangement.

For better concentration

Avoid window-hopping by simultaneously viewing shared content, remote participants, and chat — all at the same time, always in the same place, with an optimized display layout.

For enhancing team dynamics

Foster inclusion, creativity, equality, and teamwork with in meeting space that makes everyone a priority, no matter where they choose to work.

Why have an Immersive space?

Become Immersed in the Conversation

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Spend more time face-to-face

With Microsoft Front Row, Team members on-screen appear life size and at eye-level, allowing for essential face-to-face interaction and an equal experience for all participants, whether they are in the room, or attending remotely.

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Ultra-wide display for the perfect layout

With 21:9 Display, on-screen real estate is optimized to share content, view chat, and display remote participants equally without drawing your focus away from what matters most in your meetings: your people.

Even out the playing field

Remote and in-office users experience the same point of view, with AI-powered cameras that re-center members who are physically in the room, by zooming and cropping whoever is speaking to create individual spotlights on-screen.

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Host without interruptions

The Microsoft Teams platform offers many native meeting tools and cloud-based app integrations to help you host smoother calls. Digital white boards, screen-sharing, breakout rooms, and more are available at your beck-and-call.

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