Social Spaces

What is a social space?

A Social space is the perfect solution for fostering an environment of connection and inclusion that crosses the boundaries of physical space. Whether it’s casual lunch with teammates working from home, or a spontaneous coffee with friends out in the Vancouver office, there is no reason for anyone to feel isolated at work.

Our Social space is ideal for organizations who love working hybrid or have multiple office spaces that they want to stay connected to outside of just day-to-day operations.

Ideal Size: 5-15 People
Space Types: Lounge, kitchen, breakroom, games room
Use Cases: Lunch, happy hours, virtual coffee, water cooler chats
Benefits: Foster connection, inclusion, engagement, and company culture

What makes it a Social space?

The casual atmosphere and always on technology from solutions such as Video Window, create the perfect environment for catching up with your work friends, or getting to know new team members outside of just their roles. Co-workers can use this space to enjoy a snack together, compare the weather in Toronto versus Vancouver, and meet the pets who keep remote team members company when they aren’t at the office.

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  • Building a positive and social team culture

    It’s important that everyone feels they can bring their whole selves to work, and in a Social space there is no pressure to wear a “professional” hat. Having a positive culture is a huge factor in attracting and maintaining team members, and the ability to socialize is very important to many people.

  • Inviting people to connect over more than "work"

    A Social space is more than awkward small talk at the water cooler in the corner, or a small break room at the back of the office that’s shared with the photocopy machine. It’s purposely inviting people to stop working and eliminating the belief that having fun at work makes you unproductive.

  • Giving people the time and space to socialize

    When co-workers are given the time and space to truly connect, once they re-enter work-mode they collaborate better than ever, and recognize skill sets in each other that they may not have known about otherwise.

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With always-on applications like Video Window, Social spaces become easier and more fun for people to come and go as they please throughout the day. Watch as people jump in and out bringing new energy and conversations all day long.

One-Touch Join

Social spaces need to be easy and painless to use. That's why we build spaces with one-touch join technology. No scheduling, no URLS, no logins. Just walk up and start chatting about the latest drama on The Bachelor.

All-in-One Video Conference Bar

An all-in-one camera, microphone and speaker system make setting up and connecting to the Social space quick, simple and painless. Experience rich 4K video, 120 degree field of view, and noise cancelling technologies.

Bring your Own Device

For your remote colleagues looking to join into your Social spaces, they have the ability to use their own device, such as a phone or tablet. This reduces video fatigue and makes their secondary device a great tool for socializing.

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