Culture & Collaboration Strategies

How to Make Corporate Real Estate Decisions for a Hybrid Workforce: Best Practices & More

Summary: Hybrid work brings challenges like variable occupancy and space utilization, which require businesses to reevaluate how they use their corporate real estate. Implementing technologies like video conferencing systems and hot desking software is essential to facilitate effective communication and efficient use of space in office environments. Regularly collecting feedback and engaging in discussions with […]

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Encourage Employees to Come Into Work by Making the Office More Useful

Summary Making the office a comfortable and supportive environment encourages employees to voluntarily come in, rather than mandatory attendance (which can negatively impact productivity and morale). Implement a human-centric design that emphasizes comfort, health, and well-being with flexible hot-desking, intuitive layouts, purpose-built spaces, and synchronized, scalable technologies. Equip your office with high-quality video conferencing systems, […]

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Why Your Leadership Team Must be Aligned on Your Workplace Strategy

Summary When leadership teams are aligned on workplace strategies, it reduces uncertainty and increases organizational efficiency—ensuring that everyone can work towards common goals. Aligned leadership avoids mixed messages and resource misallocation, leading to clear communication and higher productivity. This involves making sure all team members have the technology and support they need, irrespective of their […]

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