Video Visitation: How Audio Visual Technology Improves the Lives of Prisoners & Their Families

Summary: Video visitation helps overcome challenges like travel distance and cost, enabling more frequent and meaningful contact between inmates and their families. Being able to communicate with loved ones more often can reduce inmate distress and promote better behavior—while incarcerated and after being released. Correctional facilities benefit from reduced contraband risk and a decreased staff […]

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AI in the Courtroom: How Automations Can Streamline Our Justice System

Summary: AI can be leveraged to improve productivity and accessibility in North American courtrooms by streamlining essential functions like translation, transcription, and scheduling. Despite advancements like virtual hearings during COVID-19, delays remain prevalent due to pre-existing case backlogs, underscoring the need for effective technology implementation. Risks associated with these technologies include potential inaccuracies in translation […]

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The Benefits of Using Video Conferencing Technology in Courts & Correctional Facilities

Summary Video conferencing technology is already changing the way justice is administered in courts and correctional facilities—making it easier to process cases, participate in hearings remotely, and deliver essential services to inmates in jails and prisons. As this technology becomes more widely available, it will be imperative to choose systems that focus on accessibility, cost-effectiveness, […]

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