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The way we work is evolving. It’s time to unpack old ways of working and develop new practices that will help your team thrive in hybrid.


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Change is not always easy

There are a number of obstacles that keep organizations from recognizing the full potential of what their employees can do.

What's Hybrid all about?
  • Identifying team practices that aren’t working

    Sometimes when “things have always been this way” it can be hard to pinpoint what needs improvement.

  • Exploring opportunities for new ways of working

    How we work is constantly evolving and understanding which new tools and practices are right for your organization can seem daunting.

  • Implementing new practices effectively

    Trying new things can be scary, and when no one fully commits to creating new ways of working, it’s easy to fall back into old habits.

  • Navigating social contracts

    Changing how we work means changing how we think, and re-negotiating workplace expectations can cause anxiety if done incorrectly.

Hybrid is about combining it all

Much like a hybrid car relies on both fuel and electricity in order to function smoothly, a hybrid work environment also relies on two very important elements: Space and Time.


Learning experiences that will transform your team’s ways of working.

Introduction to Thrive in Hybrid Recontracting for a Hybrid World Hybrid Learning Journey Design Thinking 101
Format 120-minute virtual workshop 120-minute virtual workshop 6 x 3-hour virtual workshops 3-hour workshop (virtual or in person)
For Who Team Leaders including C-Suite, VP’, Directors Intact teams Team Leaders including C-Suite, VP’, Directors In-house R&D teams across all sectors, public-sector and third-sector business innovation teams, innovation directors, senior business managers, sales and marketing teams, policy makers, and entrepreneurs.
Capacity 50 - 100 Flexible 50 - 100 50 - 100
About The pandemic was a huge learning curve for most organizations, as teams scrambled to implement technology to support remote work. Hybrid isn’t just about having the right technology, it’s also about learning how to work differently with it to support work in a healthy and sustainable way. This introductory workshop will unpack old ways of thinking about work, examine recent paradigm shifts including hybrid work, awaken participants to the possibilities of new ways of working, and crowdsource impactful practices Rather than attempting to regulate how much people can work from home or from the office, we have the opportunity to focus on a shift in mindset and to recontract how we work together. A social contract is a tacit agreement between members of a group to behave in a certain way with certain privileges and duties so they can work together in a more efficient, healthier way. The only way to make sure it’s effective is to co-create the document with the entire team. In this experience, ETG coaches will invite participants to reflect on their experiences within the team, provide a framework and guidance to help participants navigate key pain points, and facilitate the co-creation of a social contract for your team. The Hybrid Learning Journey will teach leaders, and teams about the underlying mechanisms at play while we work in a hybrid environment. This multi-week deep-dive will introduce tools to address the various risks involved in enhancing effective communication, creating transparency regarding expectations, and aligning team and organizational goals. ET Group uses design thinking with a range of international clients to create breakthrough people-centric solutions. In this experiential workshop, participants will explore design thinking (DT) as a methodology for innovation, learn key DT frameworks and principles including how to combine divergent and convergent thinking, and practice leaning into the spirit of inquiry in a DT challenge. Participants will experience how, by centering onthe user’s needs, DT invites broad and diverse ideation to create a great user experience. This workshop is the pre-requisite for our 3-day design thinking course. For more information on this offering, please contact us.

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Award-winning transformation

Evolving your organizations ways of working to be more empowering, inclusive and ultimately life-giving is possible. We’ve done it, and through our expert learning experiences, we hope to ‘pay it forward’ and help others too.