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The Ad-hoc Space

What is the Ad-hoc Space?

Not every meeting is a pre-planned event, but it’s still important to have a dedicated space for those spur-of-the-moment conversations. Ad-hoc Spaces can be used for impromptu meetings, brainstorming sessions, or casual chit-chat. Equipped with plug-and-play technology and high visibility display, your team can bring their conversations to life quickly and easily, without losing momentum.


What is a Ad-hoc Space for?

For 3-6 people

Whether its your current project team or your lunch crew, everyone can fit comfortably, while remote participants are easily seen and heard by everyone in the conversation.

For spontaneity

Take those inspiring conversations from the break room into the meeting room, or expand on that "aha" moment that sparked from that quick 30 second question, in a space that's always ready and waiting to turn spur-of-the-moment ideas into actions.

For open invitations

Ad-hoc Spaces are open and inviting, where you can bring anyone into the conversation to share ideas, or take in the innovative energy happening around them. With no set agendas, all ideas are welcome.

For availability

Ad-hoc Spaces are not typical meeting rooms that you can book, but rather are always available at the drop of a hat, so you don't lose steam in the panic to find somewhere to bring your ideas alive.

Why have an Ad-hoc space?

We've all been in situations where a casual conversation at the water cooler accidentally inspires a solution to that problem you've been losing sleep over. Or a two-person project discussion suddenly becomes a 5 person brainstorm extravaganza. However, when all of your meeting rooms are booked and you have nowhere to go to keep the fire alive, great ideas can become forgotten. An Ad-hoc Space is ready when you are, so you can transition conversations into meetings, seamlessly.

  • Never lose momentum

    Conversations that transition directly from your desk to the meeting space without interruption, so you never forget where you left off.

  • Call in the experts

    Ad-hoc Spaces are equipped with large displays, speaker tracking cameras, and all-in-one microphone and speaker technology, so you can collaborate virtually.

  • Communicate openly

    Get everyone's perspective on your latest idea, taking it from good to great, in a space that invites everyone to join in the conversation, either casually or intentionally.

Jump into an Ad-hoc Meeting

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Never miss a smile, near or far

Remote team members will never feel ignored, when you can see them clear and large on 50" high visibility display that is perfectly centered in the space.

Have your moment in the spotlight

Tracking cameras keep participants focused on the person who is speaking, eliminating confusion or distraction for virtual participants.

Everyone can hear, and be heard

Combination microphone and speaker hubs deliver clean, crisp audio for both in-office and remote users, by cutting out excess background noise and amplifying everybody's voice.

Stay in complete control of your meeting

Adjust speaker volume, mute and unmute the microphone, screen share, invite team members to the call and do so much more, all in one place with interactive touch panels.


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