Collaboration Technology

How to Keep Conference Rooms Secure in a Hybrid Work Environment

Summary: Security risks in hybrid conference rooms include unauthorized physical access, eavesdropping on meetings, insecure data transmission, and vulnerable video conferencing systems. Measures like keycard access, redesigning spaces, implementing end-to-end encryption, and regular system updates can help mitigate these risks. Other essential technologies for improving hybrid conference room security include firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, virtual […]

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Designing Conference Rooms That Work for Today’s Offices

Key Points: The shift to remote and hybrid work models requires a redesign of conference rooms, blending technological and human-centric considerations to facilitate effective communication and collaboration. Conference rooms are evolving from traditional spaces into technologically advanced, interactive environments due to the digitalization of workplaces, supported by tools like high-quality video conferencing systems, smart connectivity, […]

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