5 Reasons to Optimize Your Business Meeting Space with Workplace Analytics

Posted by ET Group on April 9, 2024

5 Reasons to Optimize Your Business Meeting Space with Workplace Analytics

Collecting data about the way your business meeting spaces are used is essential for making sure they remain cost-efficient. The information gathered via workplace analytics empowers your organization to make strategic decisions about how you continue to invest in these spaces for optimal productivity and long-term business success.

ET Group offers workplace insights that answer important questions about your technology ecosystem—including detailed Meeting Insights to provide clarity on the collaboration that occurs in your business spaces and User Insights to provide important context about user experience. Below, we list five reasons that this information can help you by optimizing the design, technology, and features at the core of your business spaces.

Hybrid space improved via workplace analytics

Reason 1: Better Use of Space

Data gathered from the everyday use of your meeting spaces can tell you how to use them more efficiently. For example:

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On-site and remote team members using hybrid space efficiently

Reason 2: Increased Cost Efficiency

The more you learn about the features your employees are using in meeting spaces, the easier it is to improve what may not be working and capitalize on what is. Here’s how that might look:

Employees gathered in huddle area hybrid meeting space

Reason 3: Improved Employee Productivity & Satisfaction

Learning about the way your team members use business meeting spaces via our User Insights can also show you the most effective ways to support them at work—giving their productivity and satisfaction a measurable boost. Here are some of the things we can help you track:

Technology issue being resolved proactively due to remote monitoring in hybrid space

Reason 4: Data-Driven Incident Response

In the event that your meeting spaces experience problems, it’s important to understand what went wrong so that you can take steps to solve it and avoid it in the future. ET Group’s Remote Monitoring tracks this data and uses it to proactively address issues in your technology ecosystem.

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Motion blur effect in modern hybrid office to symbolize passage of time and importance of future-proofing

Reason 5: Future-Proofing Your Workplace

Finally, it’s critical to have the data you need to make strategic decisions about how to keep growing and improving your business meeting spaces to keep them current over time. We can help by:

Aligning Your Business Meeting Spaces with the Needs of Modern Work

When you use data to optimize your spaces for better hybrid meetings, you create an environment where spaces are more welcoming, resources are allocated more efficiently, and employees love coming to work. You also make it easier to deal with potential technical challenges and plan for future growth.

Book a discovery call with us and see how you can use Workplace Insights to support your organization, or browse the FAQ below for more details. Together, we can give you the data you need to keep your team members and the spaces they use one step ahead of the curve.

Frequently Asked Questions about ET Group’s Workplace Insights

What Meeting Insights can ET Group provide?

Our Meeting Insights cover all of the following:

What User Insights can ET Group provide?

Our User Insights include:

What types of business meeting spaces does my organization need?

Organizations should maintain a variety of business meeting spaces, depending on the specific needs of their team members. These could include:

Booking a consultation with us is the first step towards finding out exactly what kind of spaces will serve your business best. We can consider your specific business goals and make appropriate recommendations.

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