Meet the HybridX Solution


Our successful hybrid workplaces methodology is built with the recognition that different spaces are used to achieve different types of work.

Workspaces designed for hybrid work

Our team is full of diverse, skilled, and talented hybrid superheros passionate about co-creating advanced technology ecosystems with our clients.

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  • Workspaces built with flexibility in mind

    Spaces that are created so employees can drop in and out whenever they need = goodbye excess, unused real estate.

  • Spaces that are intuitive

    Technology doesn’t need to be complicated; spaces are designed to be easy to use and allow you to connect seamlessly.

  • Built to fit your organization's needs

    Trends come and go — our solutions are tailored to your specific needs, not what’s popular or most expensive.

  • Synchronized spaces

    Connect multiple office spaces together using technology tools that synchronize with each other, so you're always on the same page.

A Space for every purpose

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Synergy Spaces

Where the real teamwork gets done

Talking through projects, strategizing the next big roadmap item, or buckling down for an action based workshop could all be taking place, and the team feels like they achieved something by the time they're done.

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Bespoke Spaces

Custom designed to be fully functional for whatever you need

Bespoke spaces are created for their own unique purpose, based on the needs of your business. Do you need a specialized room, like a podcast booth? Or maybe something more flexible, like an event space? Our bespoke spaces ensure you get everything on your wishlist.

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Personal Spaces

Everything you need to stay connected from wherever you choose to be

Personal spaces allow you to tap into focus mode. When you have the right tools available, you don’t need to be in the office to be productive. With our personal spaces, you can rock virtual meetings, work asynchronously, and get those deliverables done on time.

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Social Spaces

bring the joyful parts of the office to wherever you are

Hybrid doesn’t have to mean being isolated. Have a virtual coffee chat or a coast-to-coast happy hour with your other offices using Video Windows. Our social spaces are intentionally designed so that no one is left out.

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Virtual Spaces

collaborate with your team on a whole new playing field

Virtual spaces allow you to collaborate and share ideas asynchronously, without relying on old school tools like PowerPoint. Cloud-based platforms give you access to a variety of tools such as virtual whiteboards and sticky notes. Unleash your creativity like never before.

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Arrival Spaces

make coming in and out of the office easy, with space management tools

Arrival spaces are dedicated drop-in spaces that welcome your people to the office on the days they want to be there. Room-booking and desk reservation technology allows everyone to still have their own dedicated space, even when it’s temporary.

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Explore our perspective on the modern workplace through a virtual tour of our headquarters, designed to bring the hybrid workplace experience to life through innovative spaces and technology.

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Hybrid workspaces designed for working anywhere, anytime

We co-create hybrid workspaces designed for your unique business. We pair our workspaces with the technology, connections, support, and meeting practices that leave your people feeling engaged, empowered, and more productive than ever.