Synergy Spaces

What are Synergy Spaces?

Synergy Spaces are used for synchronous collaboration, where team members can come together regardless of if they are in the office or joining remote. This space type is perfect for facilitating hybrid workshops, brainstorming and presenting big ideas, or hosting fun and inspiring hybrid meetings. Discover a meeting space where everyone can have an equal and inclusive experience when it comes to collaborating.

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  • Spaces designed to bring teams together

    Team members want to experience that face-to-face connection, even if they aren’t in the same physical space. Our spaces enable an experience so life-like, you'll forget you're miles apart!

  • Built to enable collaboration

    Our technology solutions are designed to enable seamless collaboration, so everyone can contribute and engage in the meeting, no matter if they are in the office or joining remotely.

  • Meetings that feel engaging and inclusive

    Equipped with cutting-edge technology, our spaces provide a seamless and natural experience, making it easy for everyone to share ideas, contribute to discussions, and work together as a team.

Featured Synergy Spaces

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The Immersive Space

Host hybrid meetings that are so life-like, you’ll do a double-take when you realize that you’re conversing through a screen. Microsoft Front Row technology keeps your focus on the people in front of you, while enabling your remote team members to feel like they are part of the office.

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The Flex Space

Unleash your team’s full potential in a space that is designed to be redesigned, and set the stage for the meeting experience of your dreams. In a Flex Space, you have the freedom to determine the purpose, layout, and flow of your meeting room to best enhance the conversation you want to have.

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The Ad-Hoc Space

The Ad-Hoc Space is used for synchronous collaboration – for both hybrid and everyday office activities. Centrally located in an open work area, anyone in the room can contribute to the conversation.

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The Hybrid 360 Space

In the Hybrid 360 space, eye contact is easy and natural. With a 360° camera centered between displays built into round-table style seating, both remote and in-office team members can experience critical face-to-face connection.

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The Huddle Space

A Huddle Room is private and purposeful. Its the perfect setting for small hybrid or video meetings that require focus, such as a quick one-on-one about a project, or collaborating on a new initiative. Hone in on the subject at hand and engage in deep, meaningful discussions with no distractions.

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