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The Remote Work Essentials

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Remote Work Essentials

In today’s working climate, coming into the office is no longer a necessity in order to have a positive and productive workplace experience. More and more employees are choosing to work remote, but that doesn’t mean their experience shouldn’t be considered when making workplace technology decisions.

The Remote Work Essentials are everything your remote employees need to successfully participate in hybrid meetings and events, as well as access the resources they need to do their best work.

What are the Remote Work Essentials for?

For just YOU

With access to all of the right tools from wherever you focus best, you can get into the zone and eliminate distractions, or invite as many team members into your remote paradise as you'd like, with a connection that never fails.

For the flexible worker

High quality cameras, clear audio, and seamless communication tools and platforms bring the office to you, no matter where you are, so you can always stay connected to the workplace.

For an equal hybrid meeting experience

The right technology tools create a hybrid meeting experience that feels equal and inclusive, inviting remote team members to engage and participate more than ever before.

For a universal experience

By providing the essentials for your remote team members, you guarantee a high quality and standard technology experience for everyone, making remote working sustainable and easier to support when needed.

Why Invest in the Essentials?

Do your Best Work from Wherever You Choose

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Make your presence known

High quality, speaker focused webcams make face-to-face interactions engaging and life-like, even through a screen.

Full control, in one small device

All-in-one docks with built-in microphone and speakers allow you to access volume, mute, and cameras, while reducing desk clutter and power consumption.

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Privacy when it matters most

Wireless, noise cancelling headphones eliminate distracting background noise so you can focus, and ensure that confidential information remains for your ears only.

Stay organized, with dual display

Keep team calls, content, and other tools right in front of you simultaneously, so you can collaborate easily without misplacing your video call window or jumping between tabs.

Platforms that keep you connected

Keep your team engaged and connected with meeting platforms that enhance the conversation and keep the spirit of the office alive, no matter where you're calling from.

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Asynchronous collaboration, in the cloud

Cloud-based tools such as virtual whiteboards, project management software, file-sharing, and more allow you and your team to access everything you need to work collaboratively — anytime, anywhere.


The Journey to Hybrid Working: 12 Considerations

This report from audio-visual manufacturer Poly, in partnership with WORKTECH Academy, explores twelve considerations for companies to navigate hybrid working.

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Our Connections solution ensures everyone can connect into where they want to be, when they want to be there.

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Say goodbye to the frustration and headaches of dealing with audiovisual issues on your own. With our comprehensive support packages, you can choose a level of care that best fits your business needs.


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