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A great hybrid experience is a seamless one —so good you don’t even notice it. We’ll keep your connections running smoothly (and invisibly).


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Think of the hybrid environment like the family home

Where “spaces” are all the different rooms in your house and their designated tools, and “support” is your home insurance, “connections” is the wiring behind the walls that make all the rooms work, both individually and collectively.

Connecting all of your people and spaces together

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Video that keeps everywhere connected

Never feel disconnected from your team

Whether it's Microsoft Teams or Webex or Zoom, or a combination of platforms, it's important that your video meetings are accessible and allow your team and your clients to stay connected. Our solutions will provide you with the necessary tools to do that.

Room-booking and desk-hoteling made easy

Make that day in the office a breeze

Reserve your workspace for the day with desk-hoteling tools. Eliminate the stress of getting lost in rows and rows of desks with digital signage that directs you to exactly where you want to be. Make your office space your home away from home.

Be confident that you're using the right platforms for your business

We are your collaboration platform experts

We are experts when it comes to many communications platforms, including Microsoft Teams, Mural, Vidcast and more. No matter if it's a platform you're already using, or a new one that we are helping you learn, we are here to ensure your tools are helping you reach your goals.

Selected Clients


"ET Group took the time to understand our needs as an organization and worked with us to develop a custom strategy tailored to our particular needs. Through detailed consultation, quick response times and excellent customer service, they have helped the York University Student Centre Build an AV program that will serve students for years to come, and help us deliver our mission to our community."

"From the start of our new office build through to our move-in date, ET Group were outstanding business partners. They pushed our thinking on the use and integration of technology not only in our corporate offices but throughout our organization, proposed a wide range of technology options to meet both specific departmental and budgetary requirements and have provided us with solid after sale service."

"Your team dug down and found out what the issues were. There would have been no way of our team being able to troubleshoot most of these issues."

“The Innovation Labs got us so excited about the possibilities for our new company direction with regards to our spaces, our technology, and how it interconnects with our people.”

Featured Insights

Report: The Power of Insights in Shaping Hybrid Work

The insights we’ve uncovered reveal real technology challenges that many hybrid organizations are facing today, and the underlying reasons they may be happening. Learn how you can identify and solve your own hybrid technology challenges with Workplace Insights from ET Group.

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