What Remote IT Support Looks Like in Hybrid Meeting Rooms

Posted by ET Group on October 17, 2023

Key Points:

Hybrid meeting rooms allow your remote and on-site team members to collaborate seamlessly, but the technology these environments depend on requires ongoing maintenance to function at its best. Remote IT support is the best way to keep as much of this work as possible in the background, so that your meetings can proceed with minimal disruptions and your organization can enjoy the enhanced productivity hybrid work offers.

As leading providers of hybrid workplace technology, ET Group offers comprehensive remote technical support services to keep your meeting rooms running as smoothly as possible. Below, we show you how these services work and what they can help you accomplish.

Hybrid meeting room with network graphic overlay to represent remote monitoring during meeting

How Remote Monitoring Reduces Downtime

Network and device problems can cost your team valuable time during meetings, especially if they need to wait for on-site assistance. Real-time remote monitoring gives a team of dedicated technicians access to your system’s network so that they can be alerted in the event of an issue and act quickly to resolve it without the need to physically enter your space. Here’s how it works:

The key advantage to real-time monitoring is that it offers a proactive approach to technical issues in your meeting rooms. Our team is able to deal with issues as soon as they occur—or even beforehand, by updating and rebooting systems ahead of time—instead of responding after they’ve already caused setbacks. This saves your team critical time and helps everyone stay focused.

Key Features

Conference room technology between meetings with automatic scripts running in the background.

How Automated Room Testing Sets Your Meetings Up for Success

Struggling to set up your conference rooms properly before each meeting can cost valuable time and create stress for participants that makes effective communication difficult. Running automated scripts between meetings can ensure that your meeting rooms are always ready to support your team and your goals. These scripts can pre-set a wide variety of elements in your conference rooms, including:

Ensuring that these settings are correctly configured before each meeting begins reduces setup time and empowers your team to start every meeting on the right note. Our Automated Room Testing comes with additional features that provide even more support when you need it.

Key Features

Remote IT support technician providing recommendations for business to use hybrid meeting room more efficiently.

How Workplace Insights Keep Your Meeting Rooms Current & Effective

The way you use your hybrid meeting room technology can teach you a lot about where to put future resources. Remote Workplace Insights allow our team to collect this information on your behalf and make strategic recommendations so that you can plan more efficient service and upgrades.

Our analytics provide valuable information about:

ET Group’s workplace insights services also connect you with experienced team members who work closely with you to analyze this information. Our technicians use what we’ve learned to provide essential support for your meeting rooms.

Key Features

Creating a Strong Foundation for Your Hybrid Meeting Rooms

The technology that makes your hybrid meeting rooms effective is only as good as the support that keeps it functioning. Remote technical support gives you the fastest and least disruptive way to address issues, while providing you with up-to-date information about the condition of your meeting room technology and the way it’s being used.

By reducing setup time, resolving technical issues with increased accuracy, and providing you with actionable data you can use to keep improving your hybrid environment, remote IT support offers an immediate and measurable return on investment. Contact ET Group to find out how we can set you up for success in your hybrid meeting rooms, and browse the FAQ below to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions about Remote Technical Support

What issues can ET Group’s remote monitoring detect?

Our remote monitoring can detect a wide range of potential issues, including:

How long does it take to get help from a technician if I need on-site support?

ET Group’s Certified Service and Meeting Room Technicians respond as quickly as possible in the event that you encounter a problem that cannot be resolved remotely. If we are unable to send a technician to visit your meeting room within a reasonable time-frame, we can also provide step-by-step instructions for your on-site IT staff.

What information can workplace insights provide about my team members?

ET Group’s remote workplace insights can help you support your team members by showing you the following data:

Does remote IT support impact my team’s privacy?

No. Our remote technical support services do not violate the privacy of your team members or the confidentiality of what they discuss during meetings. Their personal information remains safe and secure, along with the intellectual property of your business.

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