How Audio Visual Consulting Provides Key Support for Hybrid Environments

Posted by ET Group on January 16, 2024


How Audiovisual Consulting Provides Key Support for Hybrid Work Environments

Hybrid working is the natural model for competitive enterprises that want to remain productive while providing the flexibility required by their teams. But creating a successful hybrid work environment is about more than the AV technology you implement—it’s first and foremost about better understanding the people who use the technology and what their needs, challenges, and use cases are on a daily basis.

ET Group provides custom hybrid work solutions that help organizations achieve their goals and empower their employees. Our audiovisual technology consulting services are unique in that they prioritize human experience—we believe that technology should always serve people instead of the other way around.

Below, we explain to you why an AV consultant can be vital for supporting your hybrid AV and IT infrastructure and show you some of the key challenges it can help you solve.

The Purpose of Audiovisual Consulting

Audiovisual technology consulting involves expert guidance and management services to help organizations align technology with business strategies. Ideally, these services should set an organization up to assess its existing audiovisual, collaboration, and IT infrastructure, identify areas for improvement, and implement solutions that boost both productivity, engagement, and employee satisfaction.

Challenges with Conventional Technology Consulting

Unfortunately, conventional approaches to technology consulting have a tendency to focus on technology to the exclusion of the people it’s meant to serve. This approach often fails because it does not properly engage or account for the user’s true wants, needs, or experiences.

ET Group’s Human-Centric Approach

Our approach at ET Group puts people first and technology second. We use a flexible five-step process rooted in design thinking—a nonlinear iterative methodology that focuses on understanding the human beings at the heart of a given problem and finding innovative ways to address their needs.

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These five phases are designed with enough flexibility to accommodate each organization’s unique needs, while also ensuring that the solutions we create are practical and data-driven. They include:

Below, we’ll walk you through each of these areas and provide details on the steps involved so that you can see how and why our audiovisual consulting underpins effective hybrid design at each stage.

Smiling employees during hybrid meeting supported by technology that connects virtual meeting platforms seamlessly

Phase 1: Understanding Stakeholder Needs

The first stage of our process focuses on identifying and understanding your needs as an organization: who you are, what you’re trying to achieve, and what specific challenges are between you and your goals. During this phase, we typically:

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Workshop to gather feedback on early stages of prototypes during testing and iterating phase of technology consulting

Phase 2: Aligning Priorities – Analyzing Insights & Data

Next, we examine the data collected in Phase 1 and use our findings to suggest concrete next steps that speak to your needs. This step takes place during a meeting with all key stakeholders, where you can expect us to:

It’s important to note that while your input is welcome at every stage of our audiovisual consulting process, it’s particularly valuable in this phase. Ensuring a mutual understanding of what we’re setting out to accomplish and why makes the next steps more efficient and produces significantly better results.

Phase 3: Conceptual Design & Prototyping

During this phase, we work with you to create a sampler of possible technology solutions. Our use of VR, 3D models, concept drawings, and more allows you to explore available solutions in detail before you commit substantial resources to any of them—ultimately helping you make the best choice for your organization when it’s time to invest. We focus on:

This is a co-creative process—we create mockups that encourage you to interact as much as possible with each potential solution so you can make the most informed decisions possible.

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Phase 4: Testing & Iterating

Once we’ve worked together to select prototypes and begin creating them, we initiate a co-creative process that allows you to provide feedback as each design is further realized. This involves:

Large meeting room with 360° OWL Cameras for video conferencing

Phase 5: Building a Detailed Design

Finally, it’s time to bring your selected prototype into the real world and scale it for your organization. Our team will:

You receive a complete package with everything you need to meet the needs established in the first phase of our consulting process—guaranteeing that the solution you receive is one based on the actual problems your people need to solve, and providing measurable value for your organization.

Find the Expert Technology Advice You Need to Grow Your Organization

Technology is only one aspect of creating an effective hybrid environment. Investing in the guidance required to select, implement, and scale that technology as your business grows guarantees you the best possible ROI and provides a superior experience for everyone at your organization who uses it.

To learn more about optimizing your workplace with help from our experts, book a discovery call with ET Group or read the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions about Audiovisual Consulting

How do I know what kind of audiovisual consulting and technology my business needs?

You don’t have to know what specific solutions you’re looking for when you come to us. Our audiovisual consulting process begins with an in-depth audit of your business and its goals so that we can identify areas where you’re succeeding and others where you’ll benefit most from our input.

How much does an AV consultant cost?

ET Group doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all consulting—our solutions are unique to each client, so our rates vary depending on your goals, the challenges that stand between you and reaching them, and the cost of the solutions we create together. For a specific idea of the kinds of costs you might incur, contact us and speak with an expert.

What other hybrid solutions does ET Group offer?

ET Group provides versatile solutions for a wide range of needs required for effective hybrid workplaces, including:

These services can be purchased separately or as part of a comprehensive approach to hybrid workplace development that we call the HybridX solution.

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