How Remote Workplace Analytics Can Improve Hybrid Meeting Rooms

Posted by ET Group on September 18, 2023


How Remote Workplace Analytics Can Improve Hybrid Meeting Rooms

Data-driven insights have paved the way for advancements in countless areas, and modern meeting rooms are no exception. Remote workplace analytics can help your organization create a more efficient and enjoyable experience when remote and in-person team members alike use your conference spaces and technology.

But what information should you actually track to gain a deeper understanding of how your technology is performing? Below, our team at ET Group identifies the most important metrics and provides you with tips on how to use this data to make meaningful improvements to your hybrid workspace.

Why Remote Workplace Analytics Is a Vital Part of IT

Remote workplace analytics is more than just monitoring; it’s about understanding and enhancing the technological ecosystem that supports your hybrid workspace.

Technology Challenges for Hybrid Meeting Rooms

Some of the most common obstacles to look out for in your conference rooms include:

Certified Service and Meeting Room Technician responding to alert from ET Group's Remote Monitoring software

How Remote Workplace Analytics Can Help

By identifying and swiftly addressing issues with your meeting room technology, your organization can ensure seamless interactions no matter where your employees are working from. This can be accomplished via:

In-person and remote team members holding meeting in hybrid conference room

Identifying Usage Patterns for Optimization

In addition to collecting information about the state of your meeting room hardware and software, it’s vital to look at how this technology is being used by your remote and in-person team members. This isn’t about keeping tabs on your personnel—it’s about identifying the technology that’s providing maximum ROI and finding areas where upgrades or additional training are needed to improve the rest of your setup.

Our Workplace Insights allow you to collect specific data about:

Remote Workplace Analytics: A Strategic Investment for the Future

Hybrid environments are not just a trend—they are the preferred workplaces of the modern world. As organizations continue to adapt to this new normal, their success will hinge on whether they can leverage technology effectively.

Remote workplace analytics can help your business stay ahead of potential issues, optimize your operations based on hard data, and continuously improve the hybrid working experience for your team. Contact ET Group to find out how we can help you get maximum value from the technology that keeps your people connected.

Frequently Asked Questions about Remote Workplace Analytics

How long does it take to set up Remote Monitoring software?

Setup times vary depending on the size of your organization and the extent of your needs—but the installation process for our Remote Monitoring solutions is designed to be minimally intrusive. Our primary objective is to ensure smooth integration without disrupting your existing operations or causing any downtime.

Can your system differentiate between a minor hiccup and a major issue, or does it send an alert for every small glitch?

Our Remote Monitoring solutions are designed to provide a holistic view of your hybrid meeting rooms, but they also prioritize alerts based on the severity and potential impact of the issue detected. Our Certified Service and Meeting Room Technicians are also trained on a wide variety of potential challenges, so we’re able to differentiate between major problems and small discrepancies.

Are ET Group’s remote workplace analytics compatible with my hardware and software?

Our solutions are designed to work with all leading software and hardware platforms. When you contact us about setting up Remote Monitoring, Automated Room Testing, or Workplace Insights, we’ll go through a detailed process to align your hybrid conference rooms with the service we’re providing.

Can I get reports after incidents occur?

Absolutely. Our team provides detailed incident reports after every alert, detailing the cause and the steps taken to provide a timely solution.

Can ET Group provide hardware repairs or just remote services when an incident occurs?

When our Remote Monitoring software alerts us to an issue with your meeting room technology, we base our response on the type of issue you’re facing. This could involve:

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How Remote Workplace Analytics Can Improve Hybrid Meeting Rooms

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