How to Connect Different Virtual Meeting Platforms in 2023

Posted by ET Group on October 27, 2023


As businesses large and small hold more meetings in hybrid workspaces, it becomes more important than ever to ensure that the technology these spaces rely on functions seamlessly. Many business owners wonder how to link various virtual communication platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams—but the better approach is often to create a work environment that can seamlessly accommodate the use of multiple platforms.

Resolving the potential compatibility issues that occur when using different tools keeps your meetings smooth and productive. Below, our team at ET Group walks you through the specific obstacles you might face during this process and recommends steps for addressing them.

Hands of employees holding puzzle pieces together to represent compatibility challenges for virtual meeting platforms

Common Compatibility Problems for Virtual Meeting Platforms

Every tool has a unique layout and set of features, so it’s actually very common for different teams (or individual team members) in hybrid environments to have different preferences. For example, one might prefer Zoom for its easy screen-sharing, while another might rely on Teams for its streamlined integration with Microsoft 365. But this disparity between platforms can make collaboration tricky for a number of reasons, including:

The consequences of not addressing these challenges are clear: diminished productivity, possible security breaches, and fewer available resources. However, the need for seamless communication is not just about avoiding these pitfalls. It’s about fostering collaboration, ensuring the free flow of ideas, and driving innovation in a hybrid work environment.

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Best Practices for Creating Seamless Hybrid Meeting Rooms

To help you create a workspace that accommodates the use of multiple platforms, consider the following strategies:

Embrace Unified Communication

Custom solutions exist to support multiple tools and help keep your team connected. ET Group’s Connections offerings are designed to create cross-functional spaces that accommodate numerous audio/visual and IT technologies, including:

Invest in Training

Consider providing training aimed at helping your staff embrace multi-platform usage. This way, your team members become proficient in using and transitioning between different platforms over time, reducing friction and improving productivity.

ET Group’s Workshops are designed to promote new practices that help your team members thrive in hybrid spaces—whether they’re coming in to work or joining meetings from home.

Enhance Security Protocols

Ensure that all tools in your hybrid meeting rooms have stringent security measures in place. Our AV Support services include:

Smiling employees during hybrid meeting supported by technology that connects virtual meeting platforms seamlessly

Don’t Let Different Platforms Hold Your Meetings Back

Ultimately, different virtual meeting platforms are something you should expect and plan for when embracing hybrid work. The tools and strategies recommended above can help your organization maintain productivity, improve your security infrastructure, and empower your team members to do their best work with minimal friction involved.

To learn more about setting up a seamless virtual meeting environment for your hybrid workspace, contact ET Group or browse the FAQ below. With our help, you’ll be able to keep moving forward into the future without being held back by compatibility issues.

Frequently Asked Questions about Connecting Virtual Meeting Platforms

Can I make all my team members use the same virtual meeting platform?

It might be tempting to require all your team members to use the same technology, but it’s rarely practical. Each platform requires a learning curve, and shuttling between multiple platforms means continuous retraining, which leads to decreased productivity. It’s often better to create workspaces that are multi-platform friendly, so that meeting attendees can use the tools that work best for them—even when meetings are hosted externally.

Is there a limit to how many platforms ET Group can help me integrate?

No. Our Connections solutions are designed to account for your desired user experience and marry it to a hybrid workspace that provides friction-free harmony for your users. This allows you to enjoy scalable spaces that make integrating new platforms as easy as possible.

Can ET Group help my organization connect mobile devices to hybrid meeting rooms?

Yes! We can provide custom Connections solutions that account for all kinds of endpoints, including laptops, desktops, and mobile devices.

What if we face issues after integration?

ET Group offers dedicated support to enhance your hybrid meeting room experience. Reach out to us at any time to learn more about the specific support services that will serve your hybrid environment best.

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