How to Keep Conference Rooms Secure in a Hybrid Work Environment

Posted by ET Group on July 26, 2023


Conference rooms are some of the most vital spaces in modern hybrid workplaces, since they allow your onsite and remote team members to meet and collaborate effectively in real time. But keeping the technology that makes this possible safe from potential threats is a pressing new challenge you’ll have to overcome when investing in these spaces.

As experienced designers and installers of custom technology systems for hybrid work, our team at ET Group is well-versed in the steps required to prevent hacks, data breaches, and other security risks. Below, we tell you more about how to keep your new hybrid conference rooms safe when setting them up and using them.

The Biggest Risks that Come with Conference Rooms in Hybrid Spaces

The amount of information shared via conference rooms in the age of hybrid work is breathtaking—which is why security is of the utmost importance for these areas. The most significant risks for most organizations all fall into a few different categories:

Unauthorized Physical Access

Unauthorized physical access can occur when individuals are allowed access to conference rooms without proper checks. To address this, it’s a good idea to implement stricter physical security measures such as keycard access.

However, conference rooms designed for remote workers must also account for the possibility that offsite spaces or devices could be accessed by unauthorized parties. Password policies and data privacy training can help resolve these issues (which we’ll talk more about later).

Man with child on shoulders accessing meeting from home.

Eavesdropping on Discussions or Meetings

Unfortunately, many conference rooms haven’t been designed with privacy in mind—leaving them vulnerable to eavesdropping from nearby areas. To mitigate this, it’s a good idea to revisit the space your conference room uses and implement technology that prevents information from being overheard by outsiders.

Hybrid and remote workers should also be encouraged to consider the offsite spaces in which they work—for instance, it may be prudent to discourage employees from joining meetings from cafes or other public spaces, and it’s probably a good idea for them to keep kids or other members of the household away from the technology they use to connect with your onsite team.

Insecure Data Transmission

Insecure data transmission occurs when information shared during meetings gets intercepted. To prevent this, your business should implement robust end-to-end encryption solutions to safeguard the data transmission during meetings. It may also be advisable to have your remote employees avoid accessing meetings or materials via unsecured WiFi networks, as this can create exploitable vulnerabilities for potential threat actors.

Artist's rendering of data being shared via conference room forming vague shape of skull to symbolize potential for data breach

Vulnerable Video Conferencing Systems

Lastly, video conferencing systems can leave security gaps if they are incomplete, neglected, or misused. To handle this, ensure that your video conferencing systems are regularly updated and have robust security features including password protection and encryption. We’ll talk more about the technologies we recommend using next.

Essential Tech for Improving Hybrid Conference Room Security

When it comes specifically to data security, several technologies are crucial for fortifying hybrid conference rooms. These include:

Artist's rendering of cybersecurity technology concept with checkmark in shield near computer screen as employee types

Vital Policies for Ensuring Secure Hybrid Conference Rooms

Hybrid and remote work environments should also establish comprehensive data security policies and procedures, such as:

Data security training session for employees in hybrid conference room

Securing Your Conference Rooms Through Employee Education

Instructing and training your employees about key safety practices concerning conference rooms and their technology is critical. Here are some steps we recommend:

Security Errors & Common Mistakes

Common security mistakes specific to conference rooms in hybrid and remote workplaces include:

Emergency Measures: What to Do If Your Conference Room Suffers a Data Breach

In case of a security breach involving your conference room, here are the steps you should follow:

Why Monitoring & Updating Your Conference Room Technology Is Vital for Security

Data security standards are constantly changing because threats continue to evolve at a rapid pace. As such, it’s critical to keep updating and improving the technology you use to connect.

Monitoring and improving security for your hybrid conference rooms can be achieved by:

While ensuring data security in your conference rooms requires an investment of time and resources, it’s a vital part of making sure your workplace can remain competitive and stay up to date with your team’s needs. Learn more about creating a cutting-edge hybrid work environment for your organization with our help, and make sure you’ll be able to help your people do their best work with secure, effective technology.


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